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Psychological Services

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Couples Therapy

Relationships are the cornerstone of our lives and creating a harmonious, happy partnership can enhance nearly every other aspect of your life.

Cultivating a healthy, safe, and connected relationship provides the freedom to flourish in other areas of life. The relationship can be a harbor of comfort and connection to return  to from the stressors of the outer world as well as a secure base from which to launch for the parts of life that take us away from home.  

When most couples first get together, they enjoy the intensity of their connection.  They inspire and challenge each other, trusting that the love they feel will see them through the challenges ahead.  Faults, if they are even noticed, are easy to forgive.

This deep sense of trust and caring can wobble under the weight of everyday life. Family pressures, career responsibilities and financial struggles can challenge the foundation of relationships, leaving ruptures that couples do not always know how to repair.

If you notice some areas where your relationship needs help cultivating better communication, clear boundaries, or just feeling close again, I am here to help.

If you want significant change in your relationship quickly, you may want to consider the option of a Couples Intensive.

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Individual Therapy

We are designed with the capacity to heal.  Regardless of history or struggle, I believe there is a path to living more fully.  My training in family-of-origin trauma and attachment science works well with my knowledge about the human nervous system. Using a combination of education, experiential work, and body-based therapy, I help individuals to re-claim their personal power and authenticity. Many of us have templates from our past that we keep re-creating over and over; and research has shown that with guidance and support we can re-wire our brains to live more freely, fully and resiliently.

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New Growth

Intensives are a rapid immersion experience for individuals or couples.  They are personalized and designed to explore the root causes of self-defeating patterns and provide solid ground to support sustained growth and healing.

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Online Class

Virtual Meetings

We are experiencing a paradigm shift in the delivery of mental health services due to the technology that exists today by which we can effectively take our office visit online.

Reasons online therapy may work for you:

  • Time: Today’s schedules are filled to the brim. Travel time varies by location but is often a factor

  • Accessibility: Physical or mental limitations

  • Geography: Often specialized therapists are not available in your town

  • Responsibility: Home or business responsibilities often conflict with your health commitment

Online therapy sessions may be a viable option for you. You can contact Catherine by phone or email to discuss what would be the best arrangement for you.

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Professional/ Clinical Consultations

Skilled professionals may run into peculiar circumstances when normal intervention does not work. Often this is an indication that there is a nervous system survival process at work that a client cannot be talked or reasoned out of.

Reasons a professional may seek consultation:

  • Normal interventions are not working with a particular client

  • Interested in applying Somatic work in your practice

  • Feeling stuck or isolated in your work

  • More effective results for your clients

  • Looking for inspiration

Professional consultations can provide a collaborative and enhanced approach to your practice to help you gain new skills, enhance existing skills, address difficult clients or simply validate your professional approach.

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